US Central Command: Drone Airstrike Outcome Indicates ISIS-K Planner Killed in Nangarhar Province Afghanistan

131 The U.S. military reported Saturday, August 28, 2021 that a drone strike was used to kill a member of the Islamic State group’s Afghanistan affiliate on Saturday. Biden authorized the drone strike, which was […]

Two-Thousand People Evacuated from Afghanistan in Last 24 Hours; US Allies Alarmed by Taliban Takeover

72 Germany: Worst Catastrophe Since NATO’s Founding National security correspondent Jennifer Griffin gives the August 19, 2021 update on the evacuation of Americans and allies in Afghanistan on ‘America Reports.’ YouTube Tips ⓘ Billions of […] news curator and aggregation website -- US and World News.
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Special Operations Soldier Killed Fighting Taliban; Twitter “Beyond 140”; Texas Winter Storm Killed 30K+ Cows; Departure of CEO Could Mean Low-Cost Airline Consolidation

41 US Special Operations Soldier Killed Fighting the Taliban; Twitter “Beyond 140” to 10,000; Texas Winter Storm Killed At Least 30,000 Dairy Cows, Milk Prices Might Be Affected for 1 Year; Departure of Spirit’s CEO […]