Taliban Fly Abandoned Blackhawk Helicopter at Celebrations After US Exit from Kandahar, Afghanistan

Taliban begins operating Blackhawk choppers left behind by the United States. The authenticity of this video has not been verified by CARDINAL NEWS. YouTube Tips ⓘ The final US troops left Afghanistan late Monday to […]

US Central Command: Drone Airstrike Outcome Indicates ISIS-K Planner Killed in Nangarhar Province Afghanistan

The U.S. military reported Saturday, August 28, 2021 that a drone strike was used to kill a member of the Islamic State group’s Afghanistan affiliate on Saturday. Biden authorized the drone strike, which was ordered […]

Two-Thousand People Evacuated from Afghanistan in Last 24 Hours; US Allies Alarmed by Taliban Takeover

Germany: Worst Catastrophe Since NATO’s Founding National security correspondent Jennifer Griffin gives the August 19, 2021 update on the evacuation of Americans and allies in Afghanistan on ‘America Reports.’ YouTube Tips ⓘ Billions of dollars […] news curator and aggregation website -- US and World News.
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Special Operations Soldier Killed Fighting Taliban; Twitter “Beyond 140”; Texas Winter Storm Killed 30K+ Cows; Departure of CEO Could Mean Low-Cost Airline Consolidation

US Special Operations Soldier Killed Fighting the Taliban; Twitter “Beyond 140” to 10,000; Texas Winter Storm Killed At Least 30,000 Dairy Cows, Milk Prices Might Be Affected for 1 Year; Departure of Spirit’s CEO Could […]