Cardinal Power pages are special pages that help readers access information efficiently and quickly on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

There are more Power Pages that help with news and local information. Their descriptions will be coming soon

CRIME — Starting point for crime-related topics (check submenus, too)

FIRE — Starting point for fire-related topics (check submenus, too)

US & WORLD — US Network and major world news sources (check submenus, too)

26 — Chicagoland’s approximately “26-mile” news zone around Arlington Heights (check submenus, too)

GO — A starting point for a wide variety of topics (check submenus, too)

CONTACT (Cardinal contacts and important community phone numbers)

ABOUT — About the website and about nearby communities

Power Pages Plus are have multiple news source timelines from Facebook or Twitter on a single page in a 3X2 format (3 columns x two rows). Readers can quickly browse multiple sources and also share posts on their own Facebook timelines or share Twitter posts.

Create your own POWER PAGE, see … — starting point for a variety of Twitter power pages