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What if I don’t live in Arlington Heights … Can I still order a My Power Page?
Yes! Your news sources can be configured from any available source. Suppose Arlington Heights is your childhood hometown, but now you live in Arizona, California, or Florida or Texas, etc. You can choose all your new sources from the City and State where you currently live. Maybe you would choose one news source from Arlington Heights … maybe none. If you want to see Arlington Heights news, you can always just click the header, which will bring you to the front page news for Arlington Heights and Arlingtoncardinal.com.

Keep in mind your news sources are not limited to locales. You can order The Cardinal to configure your favorite food and information sources (e.g., Food Channel), your favorite Chefs, your favorite shopping sites, your favorite TV shows. You could order a quick overview of your six favorite television shows. We recommend you think outside the box and eventually order several categories of pages. If you have a regular road trip, you could create your own favorite road trip page — complete with links to gasbuddy.com, hotels along the way, pre-selected links to maps of cities and points of interest.

How can I mix Facebook and Twitter Feeds?
If you want to mix Facebook and Twitter feeds, you can have three Facebook feeds and three Twitter feeds. For aesthetic reasons, Facebook and Twitter Feeds are not mixed in the same row. Mobile versions or your page are limited to three consecutive Facebook timelines and three consecutive Twitter timelines. Mobile is formatted in a single column, instead of a 3×2 grid.

Can I have more than six Facebook or Twitter feeds?
Unfortunately pages might load too slowly with more than six feeds. Therefore six feeds is the limit. With a second and any subsequent sponsorships you can add additional My PowerPages. So your feeds are unlimited, but you have to organize your feeds in multiple pages.

Can I switch the order of items top-to-bottom?
Yes, you can have weather on top or on bottom, etc. We recommend timelines first, then weather, then links. Remember, you can skip the weather and the links — for now or forever. Or you could skip the timeline feeds. If you just want a weather page, you can have have that too. You can get Los Angeles city weather an Arlingtoncardinal.com flair.

Do I have to order all items the first time?
No you can leave off the weather forecast section, put it on later, or skip it altogether.

Can I make requests like a special order?
Yes. We are receptive to special orders. Just keep in mind that special orders have to be family-friendly because even though your specific My PowerPage is yours, it can be viewed by anyone, and must follow our family-friendly policy guidelines to meet requirements of advertisers on the page.

Can I order the ads removed?
No, because the page is public, and we are able to allow this service by keeping your page public so that there is potential ad income from the page that you have designed.

What does it mean that My PowerPage is anonymous?
Nobody has to know this is your PowerPage, unless you want us to put a banner on the page that credits you for your fine selection of news sources.

Can I put my own business as a source timeline on My PowerPage?
Yes, as long as your business is family friendly. Any of the content on your My PowerPage must follow the POLICIES of the rest of The Cardinal — Arlingtoncardinal.com website.

What happens if a feed or service shuts down?
If a business, restaurant, celebrity or government agency, etc shuts down their Facebook page, we will replace it with another that you request — free of charge.

Also, if a weather service ever shuts down, we will attempt to replace it with another service. If a replacement is not possible, the weather service will be eliminated with no refund. In the case of such an elimination, we would recommend a standard link to the National Weather Service page for your preferred city.

What if I want to change an item?
If you want to make a change, there is $5 charge for each change. For example, let’s say you have Ford as one of your timeline sources. If you want to change it to Chevy, then you must pay $5 in advance for reconfiguration. Or if you want to change the Weather forecast city, that is also a $5 charge. As you get started, the fees will be waived.

Can I gift a My PowerPage to another person?
Yes, but these pages must always be anonymous. Not private, but anonymous.

Can I use my own name for a web address?
We don’t recommend you use your full name. But if your name is available (e.g., Arlingtoncardinal.com/paulspage), your first name can be used.

Can I put my own ads on My PowerPage?
You can only put banner ads to your favorite charity. At the initial order, you can request a banner to direct viewers to a charity. We only allow referrals to major charities. No personal funding or crowdfunding referrals are allowed.

Can I edit my own page?
Currently all edits are managed by The Cardinal — Arlingtoncardinal.com

What kind of referral links can I include on my page
Major websites for businesses and government agencies are permitted. We reserve the right to reject questionable links or non-family friendly links.

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