Truth, Accuracy, and Civility Regarding 100 MPH Crash Reporting Is Missing on this Facebook Comment

White Nissan towed off railroad tracks after extrication crash US-14 and Arlington Heights Road on Sunday, October 30, 2022
White Nissan towed off railroad tracks after extrication crash US-14 and Arlington Heights Road on Sunday, October 30, 2022.

Security video shows high-speed crash at Northwest Highway and Arlington Heights Road retrieved by the Arlington Heights Police Department (SOURCE: Arlington Heights Police Department). YouTube Tips ⓘ

A reader named Laurie Breitenstein on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, took the time to instruct CARDINAL NEWS on “what to care about” when writing an article — this Northwest Highway and Arlington Heights Road 100+ MPH crash article.

If matters of truth, accuracy and civility interest you, please keep reading.

Breitenstein provided her concern with a fabricated claim that CARDINAL NEWS — compared to details of the crash news report — cared more about “whether a dentist called you back” to reply to a request to retrieve a copy of a security video on the dentist’s office property … a security video that might have captured the 100 MPH crash (it did, shown above). Breitenstein also implied there was no reporting on the injured because she asked, “Was anyone hurt?” The article mentions two people were hurt. Fabrications can be especially slanderous on Facebook comments, because many people don’t actually read the article, and might be more inclined to read the comments. On the day of the crash it was thought, the security video might have captured the crash. In fact, the security video captured an alleged DUI driver that was traveling over 100 MPH before crashing into another car that had been stopped at a stoplight — and captured the crash and damage to railroad signals. Breitenstein got riled up because the article mentioned that CARDINAL NEWS wasn’t able to acquire the cooperation of the dental office to retrieve a copy of the security video. Equally important is that comments with fabricated communications, detract from the reader experience and the integrity of information CARDINAL NEWS provides.

Breitenstein’s question, “Was anyone hurt?” is a fabrication that implies that the article didn’t provide information about injuries to the crash victims (it did). Her question “(Was anyone) charged?” which implied lack of care of details, was an impossible demand because the Arlington Heights Police Department didn’t provide a statement about approved charges until about 24 hours after the CARDINAL NEWS article was published. It takes a while to get charges approved and applied when the alleged offender is still in the hospital.

an invention; a lie.

Here Laurie’s Facebook comment …

Was anyone hurt? Charged?
Care more about that than whether dentist office called you back.

— Laurie Breitenstein

Here’s the CARDINAL NEWS reply …

Be civil Laurie Breitenstein. There is no civil reason to fabricate that CARDINAL NEWS cares more about not getting a callback from the dental office compared to getting facts about the crash that occurred on Sunday morning, October 30, 2022 at Northwest Highway and Arlington Heights Road. The article doesn’t criticize the dental office for not following up with CARDINAL NEWS — just mentions the fact that a reasonable attempt was made to obtain the video so readers know CARDINAL NEWS is being thorough. The dental office has no obligation to release its security video to news media. The stated fact that there was possibly a camera aimed at the crash scene, and that the dental office did not respond to a request, is also a heads up for lawyers who might be involved in a potential lawsuit for the plaintiff that might be suing the alleged DUI driver traveling over 100 MPH.

Private accident investigators, attorneys, and insurance companies often request CARDINAL NEWS videos, and they also want to know if there were any security cameras in the area. Rarely police departments request video in cases where they might have missed something with their own image capturing.

In one case, an attorney used a CARDINAL NEWS video when no police images were available from a Route 53 crash. The video proved that one of the parties in the lawsuit was lying in testimony about the position and path of the vehicles involved in the crash. The video showed that one of the vehicles involved in the crash could not have possibly taken the path described in testimony. The person with the false testimony was later found at fault in court. The point is, police images, security images, witness images, news media images, and even images captured by involved parties are all very important to solving a case truthfully.

You asked, “Was anyone hurt?
Quote from article: “The driver of a white Nissan was seriously injured and needed to be extricated from the vehicle. The driver of a Nissan was transported to Level 1 Trauma Center Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge with possible life-threatening injuries, and was later considered stable.

The driver of the Toyota was transported to Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights as a precaution.”

The Arlington Heights Police Department released a statement about the crash including charges filed, on November 1, 2022 at 3:43 PM — about 24 hours after the second CARDINAL NEWS article about the crash, which was published at 4:29 p.m. Monday, October 31, 2022.

Regarding “caring” and your comment, “Care more about that than whether dentist office called you back.” CARDINAL NEWS has plenty of experience on caring priorities connected to crash scenes. The actual care by CARDINAL NEWS was beyond the usual attention to details of the crash scene. The CARDINAL NEWS care involved assistance that was provided to a relative of the innocent crash victim, who arrived at the scene after the victim was transported to the hospital.

High-speed crash with extrication Northwest Highway and Arlington Heights Road Arlington Heights. YouTube Tips ⓘ



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