Kyle Rittenhouse Interview with Tucker Carlson — His First TV Interview


‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host speaks to Kyle Rittenhouse about the events that led to his homicide trial (17:34). YouTube Tips ⓘ

On Monday night, November 22, 2021, FOX News presented an interview of Kyle Rittenhouse with host Tucker Carlson that lasted approximately 50 minutes of the 60-minute Tucker Carlson Tonight program. The interview was made available on YouTube, condensed down to 17 minutes and 34 seconds without commercials, and without the summary discussion with Tucker Carlson and Jeannine Pirro. The YouTube presentation is missing the segment describing the mistreatment Rittenhouse said he received from his initial attorneys, before the team led by Mark Richards took over.

The interview took place two days after Rittenhouse was acquitted.

Rittenhouse discussed the reasons he was in Kenosha with connection to family and friends, his deadly encounter with Joseph Rosenbaum, his run toward the police when he was attacked three more times requiring defensive firing of his rifle, and his surrender at the Antioch Police Department. He was arrested on August 25, 2020 at about 6:00 a.m. at the Antioch Police Department. He said he believed the Antioch police station was the closest police station to the Kenosha police station, which was barricaded and closed overnight August 24-25, 2020.

He explained his surprise at how polarized the reaction to his case had become. He said he always thought his case involved self-defense. He said he thought of the trial as a ruling for the defense of the privilege of self-defense for all people, not his own personal trial defense.

Rittenhouse also described his jail conditions while he was in jail for 87 days, and how his original lawyers had the money from donations to post bond, but told him he would be safer if he stayed in jail.



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Highlighted Comments on YouTube …

“A 17 yr old kid who’s more of a man than most people in this country.”

— CB


“99.9% of men in Kenosha cowered in their homes while police stood down allowing a the mob to burn over 100 buildings destroying the livelihood of dozens of small business owners. Kyle is a born sheepdog and a hero for courageously taking a stand for his community and country when so few were willing to.”

— J


“It is a sad state of affairs when a 17 year old is one of the few true men we have left in this country. There has been an all out assault on manhood in this country for so long that we have few brave enough to defend their lives in any fashion.”

— WP


“I hope Kyle knows just how many millions of decent American people stand with him!!”

— JF


“I wasn’t expecting such intelligence from this young man.”
He is truly incredible.

— CV


“Self defense. Kyle took out the real criminals that night”

— D 636


“CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Hollywood, Pro Athletes, members of congress, and the POTUS owe this young man more than just an apology.”

— GB


“Good thing that we still have trial by jury, not trial by media.”

— JM


“How anyone can look at this young man and see a monster is beyond me. He was a kid trying to do some good that wound up in a bad situation. I absolutely do not believe that he has any malice or hatred in his heart.”

— CT


“I love the people that say “he had no business being there.” So let me get this straight…people who are rioters, cause violence, loot, burn buildings, burn dumpsters, act like lunatics and are violent “have business being there” but a person trying to protect someone’s business from being destroyed and protecting himself has no business being there? Can someone please …
Explain the logic?”

— G C


“I completely stand with Kyle, he’s an American hero and hope he sues every media outlet and media journalists.”

— M I


“The kid was doing what grown men failed to do. Protect the kid.”

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