Cardinal News Headlines — Wednesday, November 10, 2021

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Vaccinated NFL player Dakota Dozier, Offensive Linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings hospitalized due to COVID-19

Illinois, Minnesota and Vermont reporting 50% more cases on average November 2021

Whistleblower, trained clinical auditor Brook Jackson claims Pfizer falsified data unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial

Ventavia Research Group fired Brook Jackson same day she emailed concerns to the FDA

Nurse says high number of patients don’t believe COVID-19 facts, blame hospital


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Kyle Rittenhouse testifies in his own defense in Kenosha County Court

Judge Bruce E. Schroeder in Rittenhouse case admonishes prosecutor Thomas Binger over disregard of Constitution right to silence after arrest

Migrants trapped on the border between Poland and Belarus repelled by 15,000 Polish soldiers in harsh conditions

Thai court rules protesters sought to topple monarchy as kingdom defends royal insults law

Journalist Danny Fenster faces possible 7 to 20 years in prison for attempting to bring hatred, contempt or disaffection toward the government and military, or life for contact with designated terrorist groups by Myanmar

Journalist Danny Fenster denied bail, detained in Insein Prison in Yangon, Myanmar since May 24, 2021

51-month sentence for ‘QAnon Shaman’?

Former mixed martial artist and gym owner Scott Fairlamb — shown punching a police officer on video during the US Capitol riot January 6, 2021 — sentenced 41 months

Milwaukee High School of the Arts students walk out of class Tuesday out of fear of safety after police called to school 20 times in past two months

Pew Research Center | Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology

Pew Research Center segments US into nine political tribes: Faith and Flag Conservatives, Committed Conservatives, Populist Right, Ambivalent Right, Progressive Left, Establishment Liberals, Democratic Mainstays, Outsider Left

Asian honeybees (Apis cerana) make high-pitched noise when under attack by giant murder hornets (Vespa soror)

Giant hornet (Vespa soror) attacks trigger frenetic antipredator signaling in honeybee (Apis cerana) colonies in The Royal Society Article

Henry County Police Officer Paramhans Desai and Jackson County Deputy Lena Marshall died within hours of each other in separate domestic calls in their communities

High Ridge Fire Protection District used a drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera to locate a 70-year-old man who’d gone missing in Byrnes Mill

Amtrak train headed to Chicago collides with Amazon delivery truck Wednesday afternoon in Ixonia, Wisconsin — no injuries

Thirteen people escape house explosion and fire in Millstadht in St. Clair County, Illinois

3 hurt in 4-vehicle crash that involved a tanker truck hitting a convenience store in Corova, South Carolina

Amazon-backed electric vehicle start-up Rivian valued at $86 billion after market debut

Opendoor thrives in home-flipping market Zillow just exited as earnings beat estimates

Disney says growth is slowing for streaming services

AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron sells $25 million in shares Tuesday

Stocks drop Wednesday as news of inflation surges

Facebook parent Meta will remove the ability to target ads based on sensitive categories to avoid discrimination in housing, employment and credit ads

AR pioneer Louis Rosenberg warns metaverse could make reality disappear in op-ed in Big Think

Consumer prices surges to 30-year high

Food banks in California struggle to feed hungry

Alameda County Community Food Bank in Oakland spending extra $60,000 a month on food

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says inflation persist beyond next year

American Olympic weightlifter and football Chicago Bears strength and conditioning coach Clyde Emrich dies at age 90

Young and the Restless star Jerry Douglas dies at age 88

Designer Tom Ford blames social media for inhibiting design and making style and beauty increasingly cartoonish


How many people died from COVID-19 in the World?

How many people died from COVID-19 in the United States?


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