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CARDINAL NEWS Headline Lookups present important headlines generally outside our hyperlocal news area. Modern web browsers on MacOS, iOS and Windows allow readers to select text on a web page and look it up in Google. For example, on a Mac you can triple click a sentence or phrase, then right-click or control-click to bring up a pop-up menu that includes a command to search on Google. A similar process works on Windows with Edge or Chrome browsers.

Select Text Instructions for CARDINAL NEWS headlines. Apple iPhone screen shot; desktop computers, Android OS procedures may vary
Select Text Instructions for CARDINAL NEWS headlines. Apple iPhone screen shot; desktop computers, Android OS procedures may vary.

On iOS you can press and hold on a word or press and drag across a phrase or sentence to bring up a pop-up menu that includes a command to “Look Up” the word, phrase or sentence on Google. Whether you select on a word, a phrase or a whole sentence, you can drag the selection using “handles” at the ends of the selection to include more words or to trim words from the ends of the selection. A similar process works on Android OS, which also has a feature brings up a popup of search results without even going to the Google search website. This overlay of search results feature on Android OS can be turned on or turned off.


Select a single word to look up the definition of a word, or select a phrase to look up the meaning of a phrase. You can also select a person’s name to look up news or a bio of that person. You don’t have to select the whole headline search recommendation from CARDINAL NEWS.

Since CARDINAL NEWS merely provides a headline-like sentence or phrase without locking you in to a specific link referral, you can choose to select to search for the entire headline, a partial phrase within the headline, or a single word in the headline. Occasionally CARDINAL NEWS will provide some some extra suggestions for look up near the headlines.


CARDINAL NEWS “HEADLINES” are a quick and simple overview of news headlines of the day or immediate past. The headlines are not meant to endorse any particular concept or ideology, and there is an attempt to show counterpoints. The headline lists from CARDINAL NEWS can be useful for gaining perspective of news events on a particular day, and for detecting patterns developing in the world, and patterns that news media sources push out to local areas or at a country level or worldwide level. The CARDINAL NEWS birds-eye view might help you find clarity on how news events are shaping our world, how players are manipulating messages, or how players are outright spreading false messages. You might notice the same ideological message repeated by multiple news sources, and you might notice some messages skipped or ignored by other news sources.

NOTE: News events are not always posted on the same day as occurrences, and breaking news events may not initially generate a Google search engine result.


1. Occasionally you might find better results by not selecting the entire headline before “lookup”.

2. If CARDINAL NEWS posts a long headline or includes a date or year in the headline, you might want to use a selection that excludes the date or the details in the headline.

3. Your search results may be improved by experimenting with a variety of partial selections of the headline supplied by CARDINAL NEWS, or by adding your own word or words into the Google page field search result.

4. If there is a personal name or company name in the headline, you might want to select only the name to search background biographical detail or company information.

5. On mobile devices, there are “selection handles” that appear at the ends of the selected text that allow readers to adjust the width of the selection. Selection works best when you press the first word of the headline and drag the “selection handle” to the right to reach the entire headline. Otherwise, for example, if you select a word in the middle of the headline, you need to drag the “selection handles” in both directions to select the hole headline.

6. BREAKING NEWS events may not initially generate a Google search engine result.


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