Have You Ever Thought About Building Your Own Personal Computer?


This is a step by step guide on how to build a PC in 2021. This walks through all of the steps needed on how to build a PC in 2021, what parts and equipment you need, how to setup for both AMD and Intel and CPUs and more. This is a great guide on how to build a pc for beginners! For different price options please look down below to tailor this guide to your budget! YouTube Tips ⓘ

Here’s suggestion for a hobby to make your “work at home” time a little more interesting. Many folks have begun to build their own PCs during the lockdown. Here are a few reasons why you should, too.

Whether you are looking for more power for less money, or you’re a serious gamer with a priority on your PC’s performance and power with your streaming experience, you might choose the benefits of building your own PC. We chime in on the debate between pre-made and personally built PCs by exploring a few reasons why you should build your own PC. We look at the various benefits of creating your own computer and why it makes for one cool new hobby.

Cost Efficiency

Pre-built PC systems can cost an arm and a leg. When building your computer, you can opt for components with a price range that works for you. Cater your equipment to your specific gaming or streaming needs, and opt out of useless frills that you’d pay for with a pre-built PC.

In Short: Building your PC can provide you the same quality of performance as a pre-made PC for a fraction of the cost.


When a pre-made PC falters, it can be difficult to troubleshoot. Too often, PC owners have to invest in an entire replacement PC instead of going through the trouble of replacing a part.

In Short: No more replacing the entire system. With a personally built PC, you may be able to upgrade features as you like, making it entirely future-compatible.

Optimal Cooling Systems

Some pre-built PCs struggle to self-maintain cool temperatures. Adequate cooling systems are critical to any PC’s performance, as these machines produce lots of heat while processing demands. Since you configure the cooling system yourself when building a PC, you can optimize it — saving you from the need for future investments.

In Short: PCs need proper airflow, which they rarely get as pre-made computers. You can create the ideal cooling setup in your handcrafted PC.

Complete Customization

Any guide to at-home PC building will let you know how customizable they are. Of course, if you want your PC to handle complex streaming, you’ll have to opt for the costlier options, but you’ll have a variety of options, nonetheless. Before purchasing each feature, verify its compatibility with the other PC components.

In Short: From the PC’s cost to its color, the user can determine every component, making it completely customizable.

Skills and Knowledge Gained Along the Way

One of the biggest reasons why you should build your own PC is for the invaluable skills and knowledge you gain along the way. You become much more apt to troubleshoot faulty performance and nix the need for a pricey IT provider to check it out.

In Short: You will pick up some advantageous IT knowledge

You will probably want to have a safety net to help you through the process of building your PC. Search “how to build your own PC” and you will find videos with steps to building your own PC. These videos often recommend what parts to buy and show you how to put together the motherboard, CPU, graphics card, RAM, storage (e.g., SSD), power supply unit, cooler/fan device, cable extenders, I/O shield panel, and case.

For some human help, you might want to check with a local phone repair shop that also sells used PCs, laptops and even home built PCs. There is often someone there who might build PCs on the side, or offer to help people build their own.

How to Build a PC! Step-by-step (2020 Edition) | Robeytech YouTube Tips ⓘ



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