Cooking Tools That Will Upgrade Your Kitchen: The Cast-Iron Skillet, Box Grater, and Japanese Knife

As your cooking skills progress, you may want to get tools to boost your performance more. These tools will be useful to you if you already have the essentials.

As with any worthwhile pursuit, there are always more ways to improve in cooking. You gradually learn new techniques and tackle more complex recipes as you continually exercise your skills. Along the way, you may find that you want to improve the tools you have at your disposal to further enhance your performance. If you are at this point, consider obtaining these cooking tools that will upgrade your kitchen.


Cast-Iron Skillet

You may already have a few pans that you use to cook on the stove; but to go to the next level, you should get a cast-iron skillet. Cast-iron skillets are much thicker than pans, and combined with their metal composition, makes them much better at retaining heat than an average pan. As you place room-temperature ingredients on an aluminum pan, the pan will drop in temperature significantly before rising back up to the desired level. A cast-iron skillet will not lose heat as much, allowing it to more effectively cook the food and bring out its best flavors. Additionally, skillets can last much longer than pans when cared for correctly. Cast-iron skillets can even be restored if they rust.


Box Grater

To efficiently create even shreds of vegetables and cheeses, a box grater will come in handy. Its four sides have different hole patterns that result in varying sized pieces, depending on which side you choose for a particular task. Look for one that has a rubber-lined bottom and handle so that it is less likely to skid around during use. You’ll create garnishes with just the right widths to top off your dishes or infuse them with a subtle flavor.


Japanese Knife

Upgrading your kitchen knife collection to include a Japanese knife is another great route to take as you progress in your cooking proficiency. Make sure you know the difference between Japanese and western knives. Many professional chefs use Japanese knives because they offer more sharpness and have harder steel edges that are less prone to blunting. This means you won’t have to sharpen them as often. Furthermore, Japanese Knives are thin and lightweight, making it easier to make precise cuts.



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