What to Do With Old Electronics: Buy-Back, Re-use Parts, Recycle


With the Stay at Home order you’ve probably noticed some messes that were ‘invisible’ with your overly busy life. Clear out your outdated devices and make way for the latest innovations in technology with this brief guide for what to do with old electronics.

Every product comes with a set lifespan, and no matter how well you care for your belongings, they will all deteriorate at one point or another. Electronic devices are no different. Sometimes an electronic item will reach the end of its lifespan not because it’s broken but because its technology has become outdated. Regardless of the reasoning behind an electronic item’s eventual demise, it’s important that the product is disposed of safely and effectively. There are several options for what to do with old electronics listed below.

Return it

If your electronics are still in proper working condition, you may be able to sell them back to a retailer for a profit. Certain organizations, including Best Buy, boast a buy-back program in which customers can return their slightly worn or outdated electronic items for a profit. If you’re planning to return your electronic items, there are a few precautions you’ll need to take first. Start by cleaning and charging the item thoroughly. Once the item has been charged, it’s important that you clear it of any personal information that may be stored on its software. Many electronic items have an option that will reset the device to factory settings, sometimes even with the simple push of a button. If you have trouble clearing or resetting the device, an employee working with the buy-back service will likely be able to assist you.

Re-use it

For true tech wizards, consider breaking down your old electronics and using their parts to construct other devices. Oftentimes, an electronic item is only damaged in one or two places. There will likely be several parts in your outdated device that can be salvaged and put to use in other devices. For instance, many people utilize parts from broken computers to help build a new, faster system in a different computer.

Recycle it

If your items are beyond repair, however, it may simply be time to dispose of the item altogether. Bear in mind that not all electronic items can be disposed of or recycled in the same manner. Small items such as phones and chargers are acceptable for dumpster disposal but should be recycled when possible. Larger items such as televisions and computers should always be disposed of with a company that specializes in electronic waste removal. Individuals or companies who produce a significant amount of electronic waste, or e-waste as it’s more commonly known, will also need to employ the use of a specialized waste removal service. Such services are equipped to handle e-waste in large quantities and abide by best practices when it comes to disposal of the items. This will ensure that the items are disposed of in a way that poses no threat to the waste removal employee or the environment as a whole.



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