Bridge Over Troubled Water Video by The Children’s Voice Chorus

Our Voice of Miami girls couldn’t rehearse in person because of the Coronavirus situation, so we decided to send some love out to the virtual world by dusting off an old song that means a lot to us. Here’s our first try at a virtual choir with Bridge Over Troubled Water arranged by Kirby Shaw.

The Children’s Voice Chorus says that singing in a choir requires active listening, blending, cutting off together, and so much more. As we approach this new way of making music, we will be challenged to hone our individual skills to maximize our #virtualchoir blend and sound. Nothing can replace making music together in person, but until then, let’s #keepthemusicgoing friends — even with Social Distancing.

Established in the fall of 2011, The Children’s Voice maintains its mission to provide young singers of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds with the highest quality music education. According to their website, students are exposed to unique experiences that promote diversity, musical development, and personal growth. Its programs aim to foster cognitive and social development, essential life skills, and a sense of good citizenship.

Throughout the season, choristers enhance their musicianship and channel their gifts and creativity in positive, productive ways that serve the community. The dedication to all-around excellence has attracted some of Miami’s most talented young musicians. Now celebrating its ninth season, The Children’s Voice has tripled in size and has emerged as a prominent symbol of musical and cultural importance in Miami. The Children’s Voice currently serves over 100 young musicians.

The choristers are based in Miami, Florida.



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