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As the health care industry advances, it continues to save more and more lives with introduction of non-traditional medical technologies. Listed are some of our picks for the best recent technological advancements in medicine.

The health care industry is ever-evolving, and our medical progress over the years — such as repairing a heart defect by using a procedure that accesses the heart by introducing a catheter in the femoral artery in the leg — is astounding. Those who create these improvements, however, aren’t content to become stagnant in their research, so their work continues. These breakthroughs deserve recognition, as they save lives every single day. To further your knowledge of where the industry stands today, we’ve created a list of some of the top advancements in healthcare technology.

Artificial Ovaries

One side effect of chemotherapy is that it often impacts women’s fertility, rendering them unable to conceive. While doctors will occasionally remove and freeze a woman’s ovary until her treatment has ended, there’s a risk that it still holds cancerous cells that can reactivate the disease. Artificial ovaries bypass this risk, and scientists are working toward introducing these as an option to conception for women who have recovered from cancer.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is being introduced to the healthcare industry in several ways. At times, health care professionals use VR to map out complex surgeries by creating models of patients that they can fully explore. VR is also used to help patients who struggle with mental health, creating social scenarios in which individuals can explore different environments, interact with their triggers, and deal with various phobias.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a disturbance in the radio frequency spectrum generated by artificial or natural external sources that affects an electrical circuit by electromagnetic induction, electrostatic coupling, or conduction. The disturbance can degrade the performance of an electronic device or even stop an electronic device from functioning. Regarding data devices, EMI can increase data error rate or cause a total loss of the data. EMI can cause simple communications failures or life-threatening failures.

EMI Shielding

When Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is a risk, it’s extremely important that we continue to pay close attention to the impact EMI shielding has on the health care industry. The signal interference caused by electronics such as our cell phones can have fatal consequences on unprotected medical devices. Though the shielding in itself isn’t a medical tool, the continual improvements made on this method of protection allows us to safely use the tools we so desperately need.

Robotic Surgery

No matter their skill level, humans just can’t physically accomplish some things. Robotic surgery may sound as though a full robot is performing surgery on a patient, but the process is much less all-encompassing than that. Doctors perform these surgeries by controlling machines that can make near-microscopic incisions. These robotics are used in procedures in which only a small part of the body needs attention, so this is often the option that presents the lowest risk. It also results in less pain and scarring on the patient’s end.



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