Ten Reasons Dogs or Pets Should Never Be Left Alone “Secured” in a Vehicle — Hot or Not

Mariano's shopping cart canopy crash, Arlington Heights

CBS Chicago: Is It Ever Legal To Leave Dogs Alone In Cars? Dog owners know it is never a good idea to keep a K-9 in a hot car. Customers at a Cracker Barrel in Romeoville stopped in for a meal and left their dog inside–with the car running. They included a note that said: “Please don’t break windows … air conditioning is on!!!”

Recently customers at a Cracker Barrel left their pet dog alone inside their car while they went inside to eat at the Cracker Barrel in Romeoville.

Here are TEN reasons not leave a dog or pet inside a car …

1. The vehicle air conditioning could fail.

2. The vehicle could overheat or develop some other problem that could cause a vehicle fire. The vehicle could be more likely to overheat if the dog lies down on the driver’s side floor and depresses the accelerator for an extended period.

3. A dog is capable of accidentally shifting some vehicles from park to drive or reverse.

4. A dog is capable of accidentally shutting off some air conditioning switches.

5. The vehicle, while parked, could be hit by another vehicle, injuring the dog or pet, or allowing escape.

6. The driver could forget to check the gas, and the vehicle could run out of gas.

7. A thief could break a window and take the dog, especially a dog of high value.

8. A malicious stranger could harm the dog or pet.

9. The dog or pet could relieve itself in your vehicle.

10. The driver could forget the dog or pet that is inside the vehicle, get distracted and go to another store; or meet an old friend unexpectedly and take off in the friend’s car to another location for dinner, an event, another series of stores. People can forget — “out of sight, out of mind.” An unbelievable “out of sight, out of mind” incident occurred about 30 years ago at Miner Street and Dryden Place in Arlington Heights. Innocently, a woman had tied her dog by its leash to an old style car door handle (with a closed loop) on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. Distracted after a time period, she got in her car alone and drove away, forgetting her dog and leash were “secured” to the door handle. The dog kept running while trying to keep up with the car, which was eastbound on Miner Street, approaching Dryden Place. By now, motorists were honking their horns frantically trying to get the woman’s attention. By the time the motorists got the attention of the woman, the dog couldn’t keep up, and was being dragged. Horrified and frantic, the woman stopped in the intersection. She jumped out to help her dog. The dog was unconscious. With the help of motorists, she picked up the dog, placed it in her car and pulled into the parking lot that was then Miner Junior High School at the southeast corner of Miner Street and Dryden Place. Her dog was rushed to a veterinarian with the help of other motorists. Sorry, but the outcome for the dog was unknown.

Lesson learned. Never put a precious and helpless one in a potentially risky situation.


Hit-and-Run Driver Destroys Shopping Cart Canopy, Damages 4 Vehicles at Mariano’s, Arlington Heights



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Mariano's shopping cart canopy crash, Arlington HeightsMariano’s Arlington Heights: Hit-and-run shopping cart canopy crash with canopy destroyed and four customer vehicles significantly damaged at 802 East Northwest Highway.