Paramedic Hired at Route 91 Harvest Festival Venue Describes Mass Shooting Scene on 13 Action News Las Vegas

Paramedics caught in the gunfire in Las Vegas Sunday night said they were doing everything they could, but say it was everyday heroes who helped save more lives.

Sixteen paramedics with five ambulances were hired to serve at the concert venue at Route 91 Harvest Festival.

Glen Simpson, a manager for Las Vegas-based Community Ambulance, said as the shots continued, he took a few seconds to think about whether to get up and move or stay. He remained on the scene, instead of fleeing for cover.

Off-duty police and firefighter/paramedics, and concertgoers of many occupations went to work to help the assigned paramedics. Some people used temporary fencing held horizontally to function as stretchers.

Simpson said the hardest part was hearing people say, “Please do CPR” and have to respond by saying, “No.”

Simpson knew he would be in a secure place when the ambulances would start rolling up to the scene, but they weren’t arriving close to the scene. He knew he still might be in danger.

For a security guard working at the venue, the hardest part for him is remembering all the cellphones that were in the crime scene, lighting up and ringing next to dead bodies — presumably receiving calls from relatives and friend that would never be answered.

NBC Nightly News’ Lester Holt interviews some of the first responders who courageously stepped in to save lives when a shooter opened fire on concert in Las Vegas Sunday.

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