Who Is Teaching Your Kids? Do All Local Teachers Act Objectively, or Do Significant Have an Agenda?

Reaction from Julie Gunlock, senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum.

Teacher Yvette Felarca was recently charged with assault and inciting a riot as part of her activities in Sacramento, California with BAMN (Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights, and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary). Yvette Felarca, a BAMN spokeswoman, said their protest successfully “chased away the neo-Nazis and kept them from recruiting new members.

In July 2017, one year after the riot, police arrested Felarca and charged her with “inciting and participating in a riot and assault likely to cause great bodily injury.” Felarca and her lawyer, BAMN’s national chair Shanta Driver, responded that the white nationalists were the aggressors and BAMN members had the right to defend themselves. Further, their defense claimed that Felarca sustained serious injury in the riot, including a head wound requiring stitches. The riot violence related to the protest resulted in nine people being hospitalized, and seven people with stab wounds.

At the time of the riot, Felarca was a 7th and 8th grade Humanities teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley.

Julie Gunlock, senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum says that teacher’s unions have a habit of putting teachers, that might not be fulfilling their duties as teachers, above their students. Gunlock says there is a problem in the United States with people beginning to bring politics into the classroom in conversations about climate change, elections, and even sex education.

A recent article by The Cardinal was met with illogical and unprofessional messages from teachers in a local high school district and a local elementary school district. A message exchange showed a lack of understanding of Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of the Press among two of the teachers. While these teachers, in their private lives, have a right to express their opinions privately, the manner of their discourse, their bias, and insulting communication served as warning signs, especially if any of this type of communication would occur in a classroom. Should parents be concerned how teachers and coaches might affect their children with socially biased influence? The answer is, at least beware.

Lance Izumi, senior director of the Center for Education at the Pacific Research Institute and author of The Corrupt Classroom: Bias, Indoctrination, Violence, and Social Engineering Show Why American Needs School Choice, discusses the many heinous examples of how American public schools are “becoming increasingly politicized, less safe, socially biased, and mismanaged,” and why families deserve school choice. Izumi also talks about his role as an advisor in the Trump administration’s transition team and why parents should have hope for their children’s futures.

Amazon Review Comments

Even if you’re not a parent, this book is a must read. If you’re a taxpayer, you’ll be outraged to find out how your hard earned money is being mismanaged, and, as a result, failing our students, families and society as a whole. I’m lucky enough to have the means to put my child in private school but not every parent has that luxury. Izumi puts forth a compelling, data-driven case about the benefits of families choosing the best learning environment for their children.


… should be required reading for every parent and taxpayer in America. While they are generally aware that our schools are failing, most of them still think that “their” schools and teachers are competent. And most are, but the failures, criminals and general incompetents do so much damage that our education system is a joke, and the poorest children are their victims. This is one area that we cannot afford further deterioration — it damages our most vulnerable children who have no future if they cannot get a decent education or training. Furthermore, our country is being destroyed by the political indoctrination of our students. There is no one better than Mr. Izumi to illuminate this treachery and failure.


A great read for anyone who is upset by how the status quo in America’s public schools are indoctrinating our kids. He includes eye-opening examples of how school teachers are getting on their political soapboxes in the classroom to bash Donald Trump and attack students and parents who support the President. I was especially appalled to learn about schools trying to sweep the horrors of Communism under the rug, looking the other way when fights break out on campus, and promoting favored religions while criticizing others. This is a must-read for parents who want to send their kids to schools that reflect their values.


Izumi shows just how corrupt America’s classrooms are with many examples, but none so egregious as how many students believe that more people were killed under George W. Bush’s presidency than Communist dictator Josef Stalin’s, who is responsible for up to 20 million deaths during his reign over Communist Russia. Stalin’s numbers even eclipsed Hitler’s, in the end. Izumi’s book reveals just how many millennials and Gen Xers have been the product of a massive indoctrination experiment, as well as being exposed to unsafe schools.


The Corrupt Classroom is a must-read for every parent, educator, and policymaker. Lance Izumi makes the compelling case for school choice that goes beyond academic justification. In many cases, like those described in the book, parents have no way to escape the physical, emotional, or spiritual harm that an assigned district school can cause their child. Parents of privilege make school choices all the time based on both academic and non-academic reasons. These reasons are aligned with their family values, priorities, and belief systems. It is time we extend these choices to all parents, regardless of privilege, so that they can choose the best education option for their child. The Corrupt Classroom provides the persuasive argument to do so.

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In Lance Izumi’s new book, The Corrupt Classroom, he reveals the shocking situation in many American public schools, from teachers politicking in their classrooms to one-sided curricula to unsafe campuses to massive fiscal mismanagement.

The Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy (PRI) is a California-based free-market think tank which promotes “the principles of individual freedom and personal responsibility” through policies that emphasize a free economy, private initiative, and limited government. PRI was founded in 1979 by British philanthropist Antony Fisher. Sir Antony Fisher was a British businessman and think tank founder. He participated in the formation of various libertarian organizations during the second half of the twentieth century, including the Institute of Economic Affairs and the Atlas Network. Through Atlas, Fisher helped establish up to 150 other institutions worldwide. Fisher was knighted four weeks before his death.

PRI’s Lance Izumi talks about his new book on the non-academic reasons for school choice, The Corrupt Classroom, at a book party held at PRI’s Sacramento offices to celebrate its publication (August 2017).