Chicago Road Rage: Audi vs Camry Driver on Morse Ave in Rogers Park, Chicago

A hit-and-run accident escalated into a road rage incident between two drivers in Chicago earlier this month. After one driver kicked the second driver’s car several times, the second driver began ramming his vehicle into the first car.

Information obtained from a CPD police report …

“Offender” Martin Vigil, 48, the sales/leasing director for Chicago Real Estate LLC in North Center fled the scene after a minor traffic accident. He was the driver in the lead car — a 1997 Audi A4.

The driver of the Toyota Camry “followed the offender” and can be seen jumping out of his Camry and kicking the driver-side door of the Audi that police said was driven by Martin Vigil.

Police say Martin Vigil then drove slowly away, but returned in reverse to crash into the Toyota Camry. The driver of the Audi hit the Toyota Camry several times.

Vigil exits the scene in his Audi, but apparently makes a U-turn and returns to crash head-on into the Camry at low speed. As Martin Vigil’s Audi crosses into the oncoming lane to strike the Camry, Vigil narrowly misses a bicyclist on the street, who swerves to avoid being struck by the Audi.

The Camry driver, wearing blue scrubs, then runs toward Vigil’s car again and places a flying front kick on the driver-side door. The Camry driver throws several punches — some through an apparently open or broken drivers side window. The Audi driver then speeds off to the left in the video, only to return while the Camry driver is turning around in a driveway. The Camry driver pulls up onto the sidewalk. The Audi driver then turns around in the same driveway, but makes contact with the Camry driver at least twice while turning around. The Audi then speeds away to the left of the video frame.

The other driver then pulls his Camry onto the sidewalk, but the Audi driver return. The Camry driver exits his vehicle and approaches the Audi, but he loses his balance after attempting another flying front kick to the passenger side. He misses as the Audi driver pulls forward, and the Camry driver falls to the street.

Martin Vigil was charge with misdemeanor assault and other misdemeanor charges.

See more video …
DNAinfo CHICAGO Shocking Video Shows Road Rage Battle on Chicago Street

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