Israel Responds with Airstrikes as Hamas Rockets from Gaza Increase in Range and Frequency

Diana Magnay reports Hamas rockets have hit Israel in several places, while Israeli airstrikes on Gaza continue.

Israel says 785 Hamas targets have been hit since Monday, and also says the Israel Defense Forces are poised for a possible ground invasion. At least 78 Palestinians were reported to have been killed mostly by air strikes as of Thursday, while rocket attacks from Gaza reached deeper into new areas in Israel.

CNN’s Tom Foreman reports, in just a few short years, Hamas has acquired the firepower to strike many major Israeli cities.

Hamas rockets have limited accuracy but have a range of 62 to 100 miles. The M-302 missile, in particular, has a range of 100 miles. Israel intercepted a boatload of the missiles in March 2014 that originated in Syria. Some missiles are also manufactured in Palestine.