RUS (Are You Serious)? Pay Attention to The Cardinal; You Might Learn Something

Some people in town understand the hours of time and energy spent on publishing articles in The Cardinal — For those who say thanks in kind e-mails, in a Facebook message, or a conversation on the street … or share an important message that is published on The Cardinal; thanks back to you.

For those that have heard a personal introduction about The Cardinal, and have produced a blank look on their face after the intro, and didn’t (or might not) understand the mission of The Cardinal; you might want to perk up — and pay attention.

For 13 1/2 years (since the day after 9/11/2001) The Cardinal has published crime news as quickly as possible with one of the main goals to help residents prevent being a victim of a crime — or the victim of an accident.

Almost weekly, The Cardinal has published reports of purse thefts or wallet thefts at Goodwill, Panera Bread, Salvation Army, Savers, Burlington Coat Factory, Xsport Fitness — to name a few.

A well-known community leader has always been quick to compliment The Cardinal at a chance visit at a grocery store. At the last chance meeting at Mariano’s, that community leader joked, “why aren’t you out on some corner getting pictures?” Two days later that community leader was the victim of a $260,000 residential jewelry burglary.

This morning a good friend from high school posted a disturbing message on her Facebook wall. This good friend has been given a few explanations about what The Cardinal is about on a few occasions over the years. The friend’s wallet was stolen out of her purse at the Goodwill store.

Today someone in the Goodwill stole my wallet out of my purse. REALLY? Within 30 minutes they spent over $4000.00 at the Target down the street. When I asked the manager how does someone get away with spending $4000.00 without the salesperson checking the ID that is written on the back of the Visa his reply was, “it’s not a policy of Target”. They tried using another VISA but it was rejected because it exceeded the limit. I would like to know how many carts did he/she have? I mean did they clean out the electronic dept? Are there no more Diapers in the entire store. I think the clerk has done this before.

— Friend

So today remember The Cardinal. RUS.

Read it.

Understand it.

Share it.

RUS … Read it. Understand it. Share it.

RUS … Are you serious?

RUS … Are you sleeping?

To the police officers that understand the mission of The Cardinal, and especially those who have gone so far as to call me “brother” in appreciation of the work and messages of The Cardinal … a big THANKS to you.

To the police officers that make news gathering difficult (and even think it’s funny that your military grade encrypted radios are secret now) and either lie, or offer the ridiculous excuse “It’s under investigation” to withhold all information about an incident, and fail to release information on a timely basis … or fail to release any information at all* …


Respond to it.

Understand it.

Share it.

* In fairness to the Arlington Heights Police Department, they get a B+ grade in their efforts to release information about purse thefts, wallet thefts, vehicle burglaries and other property thefts. They get a D grade for consistent release of criminal activity or suspicious activity in Arlington Heights. In other words, the Arlington Heights Police Department filters a large amount of criminal information regarding suspicious activity or other criminal activity. The filtering appears to be due to deliberate actions and/or lack of sufficient resources to consistently report to the citizens and business owners of Arlington Heights.

And take notice … the wallet theft messages and efforts are the category that received the highest grade … and those messages apparently are not getting out to apparently intelligent people. Consider the shape we are in for the murky categories of crimes the police don’t release. “If you see something, say something” — yeah right.

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  1. Keep the news coming. I’m very grateful to have someone publishing information about crimes and other news in Arlington Heights and nearby areas. Thank you.

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