Dude, World War II, Vietnam War, Korean War Was Like 70 Years Ago


In an interview with Fox News Bret Baier, Tommy Vietor says, “Dude, this (Benghazi attack) was like two years ago.

Former Obama National Security Spokesman Tommy Vietor joined Bret live on set for Special Report and when asked about whether he changed the word attacks to demonstrations in the Susan Rice talking points, Vietor said he did not remember because– “Dude, this was like two years ago..”

Dude, it’s Memorial Day today. Do you remember?

Dude, United States casualties by conflicts and attacks

Dude, 2012 Benghazi attack
Four American deaths.

Dude, Operation Enduring Freedom — was like yesterday (2001)
Over 2100 U.S. deaths and counting.

Dude, Fort Hood Shooting — was like 4 years ago.
The administration you work for declines to admit it was terrorism that killed 13 and wounded more than 30.

Dude, Operation Allied Force, Kosovo — was like over 10 years ago.
20 American deaths.

Dude, Second Gulf War — was like 11 years ago.
2003 invasion; 139 U.S. soldiers killed in action (KIA); 551 wounded.
Iraq war 4,487 U.S. soldiers killed and counting.

Dude, 9-11 Attacks — was like 12 years ago.
World Trade Center; 2,606 killed in New York City
On board hijacked aircraft; 246 killed in NYC, Washington D.C, Pennsylvania
Pentagon; 125 killed: 70 civilians and 55 military personnel killed.

Dude, USS Cole Bombing — was like 13 years ago.
17 killed, 39 injured.

Dude, Bosnia-Herzegovina — was like 14 years ago.
12 killed.

Dude, Operation Restore Hope (Mogadishu, Somalia) — was like 22 years ago.
43 U.S. soldiers killed.

Dude, Gulf War Casualties — was like 24 years ago.
482 killed in action (KIA).

Dude, Operation Just Cause, Panama — was like 24 years ago.
40 killed.

Dude, Operation Urgent Fury, Invasion of Grenada — was like 31 years ago.

Dude, 1983 Beirut Barracks Bombing — was like 31 years ago.
241 killed.

Dude, Operation Eagle Claw — was like almost 34 years ago.
8 American servicemen killed.

Dude, Vietnam War Casualties — was like 60 years ago.
58,286 KIA or non-combat deaths (including the missing and deaths in captivity). 153,303 Wounded in Action.

Dude, Korean War Casualties —
33,686 killed in action.

Dude, World War II U.S. Casualties — was like 70 years ago.
407,000 (including 1,900 members of the U.S. Coast Guard)

Due, World War I U.S. Casualties
116,708 killed

It is the Soldier, not the minister, who has given us freedom of religion.
It is the Soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the Soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the Soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to protest.
It is the Soldier, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial.
It is the Soldier, not the politician, who has given us the right to vote.
It is the Soldier who salutes the flag,
Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
Who allows the protester to burn the flag.

— Charles Province

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