Amazing Onboard Video on Falcons and Peregrines During Flight and Hunting

Bird-mounted cameras have unlocked secrets of how falcons hunt their prey. Video captured from state-of-the-art cameras on the birds’ backs and heads is helping scientists study the physics of falcons’ flight while hunting. The footage shows Peregrine, Gyrfalcon and Saker falcons flying at high speeds towards crows as they try to grab them out of the air.

The velocity of a Peregrine, Gyrfalcon and Saker falcons is amazing. The is much more exciting than any drone video. Hmmm. Maybe training a falcon with a camera is a much better plan than using a drone.

The Peregrine is famous for its speed, reaching over 200 mph during its dive phase or characteristic hunting stoop. Peregrine are the fastest species of the animal kingdom.

Of course, if someone dropped the fastest land animal — the cheetah — out of an airplane it might eventually reach 200 mph due to the acceleration of gravity.

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