Ask Paul B: Bank on it — Botox, Boobs, and Boyfriends and Boredom

Dear Paul B,

I know that you have told us about your relationship with a cosmetic surgery nut. My new gf is in love with this stuff… She is a beautiful girl, and I like that. She has had four surgeries and says she’s done. She looks awesome, what’s wrong with looking beautiful. I think you just don’t like spending the money. I can spend it. I have a lot of it. She and I will probably get married, I hope. Guys look at her all the time, and I love that. They’re all jealous.. Maybe you are because you can’t spend money on it. My parents like her a lot too. Get a life..



Dear Ben..

I happen to know your parents, Dude! You live at home, have zero money, and your girlfriend has lots of it. She is twenty-three, and has surgery because she’s very bored with life, and wants to be a Kardashian. Well, my friend, she already has a head start on that with her lack of personality and confidence. If she is going under the knife five times before twenty-three, get ready for another thirty surgeries before her face (and posterior) crack into little, bitty pieces. I will repeat myself. If you have a horrible scar, hair-lip or unsightly mole, I suggest you have it removed. If you are 20 lbs. overweight, start on a diet. If you are much older, and can afford it, I have no issues with it. Surgeries are a message that you lack confidence and have absolutely no direction or purpose in your life. I have a life, Sport. I am 14 pounds overweight and graying at the temples, and frankly, Ben, I don’t give a damn. Surgery is for weak people who lack a personality to hook a mate. That “void” will expose itself soon enough. Read a book, won’t you? Your parents tell me that you never have. And you say “I need a life?”

Paul B

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  1. I definitely agree with Paul..DUDE!

    I live in the land of plastic surgery…we invented it here in LA. The only women out here starting that early are rich, spoiled brats who have nothing better to do, besides shopping.

    How do you think she is going to look by the time she is 30? 40? 50? You can only have so many lifts, and then you are done. Go to a tanning booth and call it a day.

    and go READ A BOOK!!!!!

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