“Australia’s Worst Case of Road Rage” After Offenders in Black Nissan Attack Ex-Police Officer Ken Olsen

DASH CAM VIDEO: Victim’s video camera shows offending driver and passenger in a black Nissan pickup truck “ute” in a road rage case. Take note that the driver’s side facing forward is on the right side of the vehicle in Australia.

A 21-year-old man, Edward Sullivan, from Carbrook in Brisbane South, Australia, has been charged after the victim and former police officer, Ken Olsen, took his dash cam video to Today Tonight. The dash cam video was aired earlier this week on Today Tonight.

The tattooed offender claimed the video was a fake when he was arrested. His truck (license 354 RIE) was found in a garage at a $21 million dollar estate property.

A ute is a term for utility pickup truck in Australia.

Today Tonight : Road rage culprit, Edward Sullivan, arrested.

Carbrook is a suburb of Logan City, Queensland, Australia. South Brisbane is an inner city suburb of Brisbane, Australia. Logan City is a Local Government Area (LGA) in South East Queensland, Australia.

The emergency number in Australia is 000.

Triple Zero (000) is the primary national emergency number in Australia. The Emergency Call Service is operated by Telstra as a condition of its telecommunications license, and is intended only for use in life-threatening or time-critical emergencies.

Calling Triple Zero (000) connects the caller to a Telstra operator who then connects the caller to the appropriate emergency service answering point. Telstra operators do not take any details or provide any dispatch services. Telstra operators ask the caller if they require the “Police, Fire, Ambulance?” and ask the caller’s location if they calling from a mobile phone or a Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP number. The caller is then connected to the appropriate emergency service answer point.

Today Tonight is an Australian “current affairs” television program produced by the Seven Network and shown on weeknights at 6.30 pm in direct competition with rival Nine Network program A Current Affair.

Since 2007, the Seven Network has been the highest rated television network in Australia, ahead of the Nine Network, Network Ten, ABC and SBS. Llaunched in 1956, Seven Network began as a group of independent stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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  1. That Telstra operator was incompetent to the point of further endangering the driver who was being terrorized by Sullivan. I seriously hope that remedial action has been taken by Telstra, whatever form of agency they may be – including the deletion of that hopelessly clueless woman’s job.
    I am very anxious to know what happened to the female passenger in Sullivan’s vehicle. Most of all, I am trying to determine the outcome of the court case. Information please?

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