Ask Paul B: Recovering Alcoholic Triumph!

Dear Paul B Readers,

I respond to many topics, typically from an emotional attachment. Single Moms, lonely and detached seniors and children in peril have always tugged at my heartstrings. Something I never really understood has now reared it’s ugly head. Alcoholism. Many of us believe this to be a minor issue, especially when it comes to someone innocently staggering from a bar or passing out at a friends party. We fail to recognize that this problem affects some 40 million Americans…many of whom refuse treatment or recognition of their “disease.” I have personally sat on two juries in the past 13 years, which dealt with DUI’s. I was disgusted with these men who put innocent victims at risk.

But what about those who suffer in silence, and keep their addiction a personal matter, swig after swig, until they are unable to cope with life? Do you know somebody like this? Well, I do. I am proud to introduce you to Peter. When you meet Peter, he seems outgoing, pleasant, caring, fun-loving, charming, and definitely someone you would want to befriend. He is successful, has a great girl-friend, and has been like a brother to me in less than 3 months. You wouldn’t know that this man climbed out from a decadent and decaying lifestyle with an intervention from a loving family just over five years ago. Peter has shown the fortitude, dedication, conviction and strength to “stay the course” for over four years now. Peter represents only one in eight alcoholics who have remained sober and have been able to rebuild a shattered past. It is an amazing story, as I will share his life struggles with you in an ongoing series through “Ask Paul B,” starting next Thursday, October 25th. I am certain that you too will find Peter’s story to be compelling, remarkable, and heartwarming as he shares everything with us about his amazing TRIUMPH.

Paul B


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