Ultra Food Moving in to Former 87,000 Square Foot Dominick’s Space in Prospect Heights

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Ultra, which has 13 grocery stores in the Chicago area and Northwest Indiana, plans to invest $13 million to improve the parking lot and renovate the former 87,000 square-foot Dominick’s store location near Rand Road and Olive Street. The location across from John Hersey High School has been vacant since 2001.

A 15-year incentive deal gives Ultra Foods an initial 72-percent rebate of revenue generated by a 1-percent sales tax, with the City of Prospect Heights collecting the remaining 28 percent. The percentages will be adjusted a 50-50 ratio in about 10 years.

Prospect Heights expects to receive $2.9 million in sales tax revenue over the next 15 years.

The shopping center parking lot and the former grocery store is in disrepair, but Ultra plans to invest $13 million for improvements in the store and on the lot.

Ultra Foods’ nearest location is in Wheaton on County Farm Road. See more locations …

A Women’s Workout World fitness center recently closed in the Prospect Crossing Shopping Center, but a large nightclub/sports bar is due to open by the end of the year.

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  1. I’ve been in the one that “was” on Barrington Rd a few times. Not bad at all except for the dangerous location. They have some stuff i can’t find elsewhere. Looking grim for Rolling Meadows as i thought Ultra would have been a good fit.

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