Car Bomb Attempt at Downtown Chicago Bar Followed By FBI Arrest of Adel Daoud of Hillside

Adel Daoud, 18, of Hillside, Illinois was arrested late Friday, September 14, 2012 after he communicated his goals to hurt American citizens and destroy American property, and attempted to detonate what he believed to be a car bomb in front of a downtown Chicago nightclub by pressing a triggering mechanism. An FBI special agent assigned to investigating counter-terrorism related matter submits that Adel Daoud, 18-years-old of Hillside, attempted to use a weapon of mass destruction against people and property.

Going back to October 2011 it was discovered that Adel Daoud used an email account to obtain and distribute material relating to violent jihad and the killing of Americans. The material included jihadi-related photographs and pictures entitled … “Jihad is our way” and “Taliban” and mujahideen”. He also allegedly used the email account to encourage other individuals to support violent jihad. Daoud also allegedly emailed several individuals a lengthy PowerPoint presentation entitled “The Osama Bin Laden I Know.” The PowerPoint presentation is a “book review” of Peter Bergen’s book of the same title, which defends Bin Laden’s tactics and describes him as a shy, polite and deeply religious man — as opposed to a demonic, evil man. In an interview with Peter Bergen in May 2012 by the Washington Post, Bergen is on record saying that Al Qaeda is on “life support” since Osama bin Laden has been killed. He is also on record saying in May 2012 immediately after Osama bin Laden’s death that “Killing bin Laden is the end of the War on Terror. We can just sort of announce that right now.” Bergen is the director of the National Security Studies Program at the New America Foundation, a non-partisan think tank in Washington, D.C. and CNN’s national security analyst.

Terrorism analyst Peter Bergen’s book interview of “The Osama bin Laden I Know” by Allan Gregg. After personally interviewing bin Laden and members of his family and circle, Bergen’s portrait of the Al Qaeda leader is one of a religious zealot seeking martyrdom and who believes he is acting under God’s instructions. (Originally aired January 2006 with TV Ontario interviewer Allan Gregg, a Canadian pollster, political advisor, and pundit).

According to Comcast records, the email address Daoud was using was accessed from IP addresses that were assigned to a Comcast subscriber at Daoud’s residence in Hillside, Illinois. The cell phone number Daoud used was also connected to the Hillside address.

“no. there is no difference between Israel and those countries who either help and support them or the countries that don’t say anything the United States and UK do things just as bad. They mutilate children, they rape women, the (sic) nuke innocent people, and they did this to over a million people and their history is full of it too … may the leaders and supporters of all these evil nations go to the deepest pit of the Hell fire or if they are ignorant may Allah cure them from it.”

— Alleged Daoud email on February 27, 2012

Other e-mails defended Anwar Al-Awlaki (killed by two Predator drones firing Hellfire missiles in northern Yemen on September 30, 2012) and attached the electronic book “The Book of Jihad” by ibn Nuhaas, an Islamic scholar and a mujahid who was martyred fightin the Roman army in 1411). Daoud also allegedly sent nine issues of Inspire magazine (an English language online magazine reported to be published by the organization al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) with instructions that the recipient not be discovered reading the material.

In May 2012 two FBI undercover employees contacted online in response to material Daoud posted online. Several electronic communications were exchanged. The communications revealed that Daoud expressed interest in engaging in violent jihad either in the United States or overseas. He also referred to ongoing efforts to recruit other individuals to engage in violent jihad and that he had discussed plans for an attack with “trusted brothers.”

“even my sheikh in my masjid was talking to me about NOT talking about jihad … sometimes [my sheikh] even mentions verses of jihad (from the Quran) and i almost think he going to call for it then he has something general like be a good example or something. lol man I will be the opposite.

— Alleged Daoud email on May 29, 2012

From last May 2012 to mid-June 2012, Daoud sought guidance regarding whether to carry out a terrorist attack in the United States — relying primarily on Internet resources.

I live in the United States of America/hypocrisy. I want to in the future insha’Allah go for jihad in the Cause of Allah but I wasn’t sure where to go. I wanted to go to Yemen because of the hadith quoted by anwar al awlaki where the prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him) says that there will be 12,000 that were appear in Abyan [a region in Yemen] and they will be the best between me and them.

It’s such a beautiful hadith and i hope to Allah that i could be among those 12,000.

I have also been reading the english Inspire magaizine (sic). Masha’Allah is the best magazine I have read …

The point is in this magazine they encourage Muslims in the West especially in the USA to attack IN America. By all means this is something i would consider. But in know that if i started attacking in America i would probably not be able to go to Yemen or anywhere else for Jihad in the Cause of Allah.

Is there a way i could do both, or what’s your opinion on that? i personally think it’s easier and more rewarding to go to Yemen but at the same time i hate the oppression of the USA and i would love to do something that would hurt it from the inside.

— Alleged posting on jihad-related Internet forum about May 31, 2012

Sampling of Internet searches from Daoud’s residence

is suicide bombing halal
44 ways to support jihad
kill the infidels sheikh anwar al awlaki
is it halal to blow up a train
are attacking planes and trains halal
kill americans in islam
what percentage of americans support the military
how to make tnt
how to make explosives
The Preparatory Manuel of Explosives
Illustrated Manual of Sniper Skills
Organic Chemistry of Explosives

Time frame May, June, and July 2012 (halal references something that is permissible according to Islamic law)

In June 2012 one of the undercover FBI agents told Daoud that he had a cousin who resided in New York who was an operational terrorist. Daoud allegedly expressed an interest in meeting the “cousin” — a third FBI agent.

Between July and September 2012, Daoud met with the “cousin/operational terrorist” six times and also exchanged several electronic communications.

“The explosives that Daoud allegedly attempted to detonate posed no threat to the public. They were inert and had been supplied bhy undercover law enforcement personnel.”

— Gary Shapiro, Acting U.S. Attorney

On about September 13, 2012, Daoud met with the “cousin/operational terrorist” who showed Daoud a purported Explosive device, which was inside a green Jeep Cherokee in a storage unit. The device was actually an inert device constructed by FBI bomb technicians. About 7:12 p.m. Friday, September 14, 2012, Daoud met with the “cousin/operational terrorist” and both drove to downtown Chicago. After arriving in Chicago, Daoud picked up the Jeep Cherokee containing the purported explosive device and parked it directly outside a bar in downtown Chicago — a target location previously selected. Daoud then exited the Jeep Cherokee, walked approximately one block from the intended target, and attempted detonate the explosive device. After the attempt, Daoud was arrested by FBI agents.

Hillside is a village and west suburb of Chicago near the interchange of I-290, I-294 and I-88. the estimated population is 8,157.

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