Ask Paul B: ‘Ouch’ Ozzie Guillén Is No Role Model; He’s on Men’s Journal’s ‘Groupies, Drugs & the Biggest Jerks’ List

Dear Paul B,

Everyone is giving Ozzie a difficult time. They forget that he delivered the World Series here in ’05. We should not forget that. That was huge– and it defined my life back then. So why don’t people just drop the insults and remember the positives. I am a Hispanic man living in Arlington Heights, and my son always looked up to him, like a role model. I also enjoyed his play as our short-stop for many years on the South Side. I know you’re a big fan, so let me hear it from you—you’re a fair and honest man.



Dear Jamie,

You have come to the right place, although you might not be all that enthused about my comments here. Many athletes are gifted, some more than others. They can throw or catch or run very fast, while making many millions of dollars. I enjoy watching these players “do their jobs,” because I am a true fan. I do however apply some “weight,” if you will, to their human characteristics. Is it alright to be a mugger, and THEN capture my admiration by punching a man senseless in the ring? Am I to admire a man who can rebound with the best of them, but father eight children out of wedlock and NOT support them? Am I going to deny playing catch with my 14 year old to watch Tiger hit a tremendous three iron to within one foot of the pin? I think you know where I am going–and I will not bend on this subject. Jocks are NOT ROLE MODELS. Ozzie was always entertaining as a player, because he didn’t have a pulpit to speak about gays, Hugo Chavez, Castro, and other topics that this mental midget should NOT broach. When Ozzie realized that people would listen to him, he believed that politics,
foreign policy, gay lifestyles and slurs, were now in his purview Ozzie has demonstrated his disgust for gays, his ignorance on foreign policy, his love for communist regimes. He is neither a strategist nor a problem solver. A wise man once said—lead, follow, or get the heck out of the way. It is sad that there are not enough intelligent people to manage teams.

Highlights of July 2012 Men’s Journal survey:

Who is the most hated player?
1. A.J. Pierzynski (White Sox), 34%
2. Alex Rodriguez (Yankees), 10%
3. Nick Swisher (Yankees), 9%

Which city has the best groupies?
1. Chicago, 27%
2. Scottsdale, AZ (spring training), 13%
3. Toronto, 9%

Who is the least respected manager?
1. Ozzie Guillen (Marlins), 36%
2. Bobby Valentine (Red Sox), 14%
3. Manny Acta (Indians), 5%

Which team would you least like to play for?
1. Athletics, 19%
2. Blue Jays, 10%
3. Royals, 9%

Who is the biggest trash talker?
1. Orlando Hudson (White Sox), 31%
2. Nyjer Morgan, (Brewers), 17%
3. Chris Carpenter (Cardinals), 14%

Which city has the most obnoxious fans?
1. Philadelphia, 36%
2. San Francisco, 22%
3. New York, 12%

— ‘Groupies, Drugs & the Biggest Jerks: A Secret Survey of 100 Baseball Players’ Men’s Journal (July 2012)

This is NOT a role model for anyone, save for the Munsters. When a person is chosen to be newsworthy, he/she MUST be responsible. Microphones broadcast your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs. ONE MUST HANDLE THIS POSITION WITH TLC! Ozzie made a mockery of himself, his team, and this city. Allowing his children to spark controversy against players was ridiculous and regrettable (in hindsight.) Ozzie abused his position, and believed that The Chicago White Sox were ALL ABOUT OZZIE! Deflecting criticism from the team is one thing, but he was a three ring circus. His antics created so much negative buzz, I believe the players were distracted from baseball BECAUSE of OZZIE.

I look up to people who are generous of their time, their beliefs, their compassion, their donations to worthy charities and foundations. School teachers, clergymen, veterans of foreign wars,doctors, your parents, grand-parents,authors, librarians, policemen and firemen, or the caring neighbor who stops by to see if a senior needs some milk from the grocers. My kids are my heroes, and my Dad was a hero and role model. I lost a sister at 25 who fought a type of cancer to be only weeks away from achieving a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Illinois. I am sorry, kids, but Ozzie does not belong on MY LIST. He is an overpaid, controversial, big-mouth who loves the limelight at any cost—reputation notwithstanding. Most of the time, he complains that he is misunderstood, but I would tell him “if you have nothing nice or intelligent to say, don’t talk.” If this was his belief, he would be speechless! Don’t get me started about that Tiger Woods fellow either!

Paul B


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