Ask Paul B: ‘Never Met Family’ Is That OK?

Dear Paul B,

I am in love with this great guy. We are dating for almost a year, but there is a big problem. He has not ever introduced me to any of his family members. I have asked him time and time again, but it’s always “later or maybe for XMAS.” It hasn’t happened yet, and I only know one of his friends, and he is pretty cold to me. I don’t know why he won’t bring me around. Do you think I have the right to know?



Dear ELK,

You’re darn tootin’ that there is something wrong here. Why he keeps you in hiding like a Bin-Laden girlfriend, is quite obvious to me. He is either married, which is why he CANNOT ever introduce you to his family, or he is dating others or even living with another women. One year is much too long a wait to meet a mother, father, sister or have a night out with his friends. I smell a rather malodorous rat here, and I think you have to take off before you are really hurt by this snake. Don’t be so naive, stand up for your rights. You need to step back and realize that he is using you and it’s not right to love someone who is dishonest, hurtful, and disrespectful. Don’t walk, but RUN now, before it’s too late.

Paul B


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  1. I don’t see anything wrong for a guy not introducing his girlfriend to his family after a year. It might be simply because he is not 100% sure where his relationship is going, and/or he might not like to have any pressure from his family talking about his relationship. Sometimes the couple is better of on their own, not having others interfere.

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