Ask Paul B: Dumped By Relatives For Going GOP

Dear Paul B,

This one is a doozie. I am married to a terrific guy for a long while. His side of the family is nice enough, and we get along well. I enjoy people and try to find the good in them, so I have low expectations. I have given much thought to my political views as of late and had decided to change my party affiliation. I like several GOP candidates for president, and my partner made mention of this at Thanksgiving dinner. Would you believe that her two brothers were so incensed by my “new declaration of GOP interest,” that they abruptly got up and left the table. I was told later that they found me disgusting and loathed my presence. I am in shock and awe, as are my partner and everyone that I discuss this with. What is your opinion on this matter?



Dear Dixie,

Politics these days can be a harrowing adventure, to say the least. I have “switched sides” as well, but I know who and where I can discuss my new insight. Your relatives who were disgusted by you are entirely disgusting themselves. These two dopes have taken the low road and appear to be two buffoons who claim to have a monopoly on presidential candidates.

You are entitled to a political viewpoint, no doubt, and others will disagree, which is what our wonderfully free country is all about. I wouldn’t think twice about their inappropriate conduct, my dear. Personally, I just hope that we can elect an “individual” who can dig us out of our economic tailspin, and BEGIN to improve our moral compass and path to creating more jobs.

I don’t care what “party” she belongs to, just get it done!

Paul B


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  1. If John Gacy were running on the GOP ticket, my dad would have voted for him! He always called me after i voted to make sure i voted straight republican. One time i didn’t tell him and he went ape sh*t! I vote for the best candidate imo.

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