LOT Belly Landing, Gear Up: Raw Video: Plane Lands in Poland Wheels Up

A LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 767 from Newark, New Jersey, carrying 230 passengers made an emergency landing in Warsaw after its landing gear failed to open. No one was injured.

A Boeing 767 Polish LOT airliner carrying 231 people from the Newark, New Jersey (U.S.) landed on its belly Tuesday in Warsaw, Poland after pilots discovered a problem with the chassis and that landing gear failed to lower. The landing occurred without gear down, and triggered sparks and small fires.

No injuries were reported.

The aircraft was circled near the airport for about one hour to dump flammable jet fuel to all but empty fuel tanks before descending and landing without lowering the landing gear wheels.

The landing appears very smooth, considering no wheels were down in their normal position. Fire suppression foam was immediately applied to the aircraft as a precaution when it landed.


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