Fire Lt. Shannon Stone Dies After Fall from Outfield Seats While Catching Toss from Texas Rangers Outfielder Josh Hamilton at Ballpark in Arlington

VIDEO: Lt. Shannon Stone fell about 20 feet down a narrow six-foot space between the bleachers and the left field wall.

During the second inning of a baseball game of the Texas Rangers vs. the Oakland A’s, a fan reached out for a ball tossed by Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton. The fan, identified as Shannon Stone of Brownwood, Texas, fell head first about 20 feet below onto concrete. He fell in a narrow unprotected area between the outfield seats and a manual scoreboard that serves as the left field wall.

Shannon Stone was reported to be conscious when he was immediately aided by Arlington Fire Department firefighter/paramedics, but experienced traumatic cardiac arrest while being transported by rescue ambulance to JPS Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. Shannon Stone was a lieutenant with the Brownwood Fire Department where he served as a firefighter for 17 years. While he was still conscious and being transferred to the ambulance gurnee, he told paramedics and ballpark officials near him that his 6-year-old son was still up in the stands by himself.

The incident is the first fatality from a fall at the ballpark and the third case of a fan falling at Rangers Ballpark since it opened. In 1994 a woman fell from the railing of the upper home run porch on opening day while posing for a picture. Another firefighter fell about 30 feet, from the second deck of seats down the right field line, while trying to catch a foul ball last year.

Witnesses, the baseball organization, fellow firefighters and family obviously devastated by the news.

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