Ask Paul B: Are Coupons Cool?

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Dear Paul B,

I recently took Amie out on a date. I had been thinking about asking her out for a few months, and I finally had the courage to ask her. She seemed to be excited and we went to a restaurant where I had a coupon for buy one, get one free. Everything seemed ok and then when I paid with a coupon, she seemed really shocked. I could sense that her mood had changed and she wanted to go home right after dinner. I really wanted to take a drive down by the beach, but she wanted to go home. My Mom didn’t think I was wrong, because she gave me the coupon. She said it shows that I am good with money.



Dear Rick,

I had to “consult” with two experts about this one. Years ago, I had taken a girl out with a coupon, and I thought it was fine. Since it was my treat, I didn’t think that my date had any input as to how I paid for our dinners. I never heard the end of this “faux-pas,” and heard about for too long and from too many people. My two experts agreed that one should wait until the third date or so to whip out the coupon. I know that using coupons demonstrate “savvy financial decisions,” but some girls might see this as a problem before they realize what a generous person you are. Money is tight, but you might want to select a less expensive venue for dinner because after all, it’s about the company, not the food.

Paul B


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