Ask Paul B: It’s All Greek to Me

Dear Paul B,

I have fallen in love with a wonderful lady who is my soul mate. She is intelligent, funny, generous, lovely, and my very best friend. Everything is great except for the fact that my parents do not like her, and that is sad. She is not of the same background. We are Greek Orthodox and both my parents believe that I am turning my back on my family. My two siblings are ambivalent, so that’s great. I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot with my folks, but they are so stubborn.



Dear G,

I hope that you are not asking me if you should marry this “super-woman,” because it is not up to me. Love is the strongest emotion (hate isn’t too wimpy either, if you’re dealing with an ex-wife or girlfriend,) and you seem to be determined to make her your wife. You don’t state how long this relationship has existed, or how old you two are, but if you give it time, your folks will realize how great a couple you two are. They will then relent, and recognize that their attitude is not drawing you two any nearer to them. Take the high ground, and “act as if.” Please don’t engage your parents in any blow-ups and perhaps they will ease up on the “heat.” They can learn a thing or two about our diverse society and accept the beauty of other cultures, traditions, and positive energy that you two love-birds have created. P.S., try to break the mold and name your children anything but Nick and George… Peace, brother.

Paul B


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