Tornado Hits Lambert-St. Louis Airport, Northwest Suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri


A tornado tore through Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, lifting the roof off a concourse, injuring several people and forcing the airport’s closure. People scurried for shelter as plated glass shattered around them.

No fatalities reported, only minor injuries reported in the region

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is the primary airport for St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding area. Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is the largest airport in the state of Missouri.

Fifty percent of windows were blown out of the main terminal at Lambert Airport.

Concourse C heavily hit with a lot of window damage. St. Louis local and regional authorities are helping to get the airport back in service.

Crews had worked overnight to clean up Lambert Airport, boarding up broken windows and sweeping up shattered glass. Many signs were also toppled. Officials hope the airport can open to about 70% capacity on Sunday.

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado hit the airport, tearing away a large section of the roof of the main terminal.