RAW VIDEO from La Crosse: While Tornados Hit Central Illinois, Snow Hit West Central Wisconsin


Residents in one Wisconsin community got a taste of winter in the spring. A storm dumped snow in the La Crosse area, causing slippery roads and numerous accidents.

Severe Spring Weather and Extreme Spring Weather with Illinois and Wisconsin Compared!

A record snowfall of 3.1 inches was set at La Crosse WI for the date of April 19th, which breaks the old record of 1.0 inch set in 1993.

The average last measurable snowfall in La Crosse, Wisconsin is April 4th, with the last average date of trace snow on April 18th. The latest all-time La Crosse measurable snow was on May 28, 1947, when the city got two-tenths of an inch.

The latest snowfall record in Chicago officially is two-tenths of an inch on May 11th, 1966, but some areas of the Chicago metro area reported 2 inches of snow from strong easterly winds off of the lake.

Yesterday’s high in La Crosse, Wisconsin was 44°F and the low was 32°F.

Yesterday’s high in Chicago was 37°F and the low was 33°F.

Yesterday’s high in Litchfield, Illinois was 78°F and the low was 44°F.

See the Litchfield, Illinois tornado below …