Collection of Exotic Cars and Muscle Cars Seized from Alleged Florida ‘Pill Mill’ Businessman

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Warehouse full of exotic cars and muscle cars seized by the DEA and US Marshals in Florida.

A photographer/videographer in February 2011 happened to pass DEA and US Marshall working on seizing a warehouse full of exotic cars and muscle cars. The combined value of all of the cars in the warehouse — not all are shown in the video — is reported to be worth $4 million.

The word on the street is the cars belonged to accused ‘pill mill’ businessman Vincent Colangelo, a convicted felon and former heroin trafficker, who was recently arrested after being accused of selling as much as $150,000 per day of narcotic pills, including oxycontin.

The information about these specific cars seized and former ownership by Vincent Colangelo is not known by The Cardinal to have been been confirmed by law enforcement. Various media sources report that high prices vehicles, including a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren sports car and two Lamborghinis, were seized related to the investigation of Vincent Colangelo.

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