Ask Paul B: Unorthodox Dating Arrangement

Dear Paul B,

I am a married man for 17 years, and I have a beautiful wife (14 years my junior.) She has brought me three wonderful kids and has been a loyal, frugal, generous, and a wonderful Mom. In the past six months,
I believe that she has more of an interest in sexual gratification than I. After many discussions on this subject, I have decided to allow her a date night once a month. I am here to take care of the kids and she can go anywhere with anyone, and there are no problems with this. I don’t want to know, and she acts just the same the next day.



Dear G,

I don’t see a question here from you, but I assume that you are asking for approval, or a pat on the back. Do you ever think about “respect, honor, your children, love between a married couple?” These are sacred
in my mind, and I believe you both are playing with fire (or STD’s.) Your wonderful wife may tell you that she is “madly in love” with one of her younger partners, and then you’re up a creek. I am not in favor of this new arrangement. It isn’t “kosher” in my book, and I hope your kids don’t run into “Mom” on one of her dates!

Paul B


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