The Daily Show ‘Searching for the Wisconsin 14’ Satire of the Northern Territory of Illinois


John Oliver, a correspondent for Comedy Central’s satirical news show, delivers a report on the mystery of the Wisconsin 14 senators who have gone missing from the state legislative proceedings in Madison, Wisconsin.

“What’s a tilted Kilt?” asks John Oliver.
“It’s kinda like a Hooters… Scottish type Hooters I suppose, says David Hale.

“Yes, women here are forced to wear dehumanizing 17th century tribal clothing and deliver Nachos for the menfolk. It’s just shocking how women are treated in this region,” adds Oliver.

Clearly we needed to go further, so we pressed on deep into the infamous I-90 pass.

Later John Oliver asks Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach, “Why do you hate democracy?” Erpenbach answers, “Oh, we love democracy. We are perfectly willing to sit down with the governor, but he refuses to negotiate on this.”

David Hale, of the Rockford Tea Party interviewed on Fox News. Hale said they were last spotted in a northwest suburban Woodstock, Illinois.