Pizza Man Galiatsatos Arrested in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania for Trying to Sabotage Competing Pizza Businesses with Mice Infestation

A pizzeria owner with mice problems he blamed on competitors tried to sabotage two rival shops by dumping mice in them Monday, authorities in suburban Philadelphia said.

Upper Darby police arrested pizza man Nicholas Galiatsatos Monday after a cross-town rival, Fanis Facas, co-owner of Verona Pizza, allegedly caught the owner of Nina’s Bella Pizzeria in Upper Darby, Pa., trying to stash bags of live mice in two competing pizzerias.

Facas said a man entered his restaurant Monday carrying a bag and made his way to the bathroom.

He walked by two police officers that were eating dinner and proceeded to the bathroom. Facas then heard a noise going on in the bathroom. He went to checked on the bathroom after Galiatsatos left.

Inside the restroom, Facas said he found footprints on the toilet seat and a ceiling tile that had been moved. Upon further investigation he said he found a bag stashed in the ceiling filled with live mice. Facas told the two police officers about the bag of mice, and the officers went out to investigate. The police officers spotted Galiatsatos crossing the street and entering another pizzeria with another bag under his arm. Galiatsatos spotted the police checking him, so he dumped the second back of mice and slipped into Uncle Nick’s Pizza.

Police discovered Galiastatos had brought the mice from a pet store earlier in the day with a plan of ruining the reputation of the other competing pizza businesses.