At Least One Man Injured By Pipe Bomb Detonation in Vacaville, California

Authorities say one person was injured when a pipe bomb disguised in a newspaper exploded at a home in Vacaville, Calif. The victim was airlifted to a hospital, and investigators apparently found a second pipe bomb in the same neighborhood.

Vacaville firefighters and police responded to reports of multiple pipe bombs disguised to look like Sunday newspapers and other delivered items that were discovered in front of homes Sunday morning.

Authorities asked residents in the Browns Valley, California neighborhood near the intersection of Cashel Circle and Edenderry Drive in Vacaville, California to report any suspicious objects after “multiple pipe bombs” were located in the neighborhood.

One man was reported injured when one of the devices detonated. He was airlifted from the from scene after he was injured retrieving a newspaper from his doorstep.

Residents received reverse 9-1-1 calls warning them to stay away from packages or items left in front of their homes. Some evacuations were also reported.

There is at least one report that only one pipe bone was actually discovered. Developing …