VIDEO: “Fox Lies” Chants As Fox Reporter Mike Tobin Hit By Protester


VIDEO: Reporter Mike Tobin reports that protesters do not want the media to show what is happening.

“Who’s house, our house.”

Protesters have been schooled on how to resist.

Protesters blocked camera view with posters.

Tobin said a teacher said she hates him because it makes her feel good. is a website that enlisting citizens of Wisconsin to join forces to work to recall certain Legislators and the Governor.

The organizers of the website are working to recall the following legislators …
Robert Cowless 2nd Senate District
Alberta Darling, 8th Senate District
Sheila Harsdorf, 10th Senate District
Luther Olsen, 14th Senate District
Randy Hopper, 18th Senate District
Glen Grothman, 20th Senate District
Mary Lazich, 28th Senate District
Dan Kapanke, 32nd Senate District

Current Wisconsin law does not allow recall of the Governor. Another website,, has been created to start a process of signing a petition and working for the eventual removal of Governor Scott Walker.