Scenes from the Ground Hog Day Blizzard 2011 in Arlington Heights

Video during the peak intensity of the Ground Hog Day Blizzard 2011 in downtown Arlington Heights and side streets north of downtown.

Whiteout conditions late Tuesday and early Wednesday brought down about 17 inches of snow to Arlington Heights. Several cars were stuck on the railroad tracks along Northwest Highway. The whiteout conditions would come and go. As an observer, one could see a whiteout occurring down the street, then seconds later the whiteout conditions would surround the observer.

Day of the Big Dig — aftermath of Ground Hog Day Blizzard.

Vehicles that didn’t have 4-wheel drive were mostly impossible to drive after 11:00 p.m. Tuesday. Drivers were even stuck in gas station lots. Credit cards slots at the gas pumps were caked with snow and non-functioning.

Even fire department rescue vehicles were stuck …

Complete towing vehicle of rescue ambulance and rescue squad on Hawthorne and Arlington Heights Road.

When do you know you’re in trouble while traveling in heavy snow?

When multiple vehicles ahead of you come to a dead stop. And when visibility gets down to zero because of snow.

Keeping warm? Extra jackets, blanket in the trunk. Have enough gas in your car.

Everyone should have a shovel in your trunk or hatchback. The Cardinal dashcam was stuck on Dunton Avenue in front of the library for about three minutes after stopping for a stoplight at Euclid Avenue.


  1. The aftermath of blizzard was mountains of snow!– I’m still trying to shovel the high pile of snow to the front entrance of my!

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