CBS Has Lost Its Sheen — Charlie Sheen: King of Middle-Age Douchebags or ‘Genius’ ?

After a bizarre rant on The Alex Jones radio show Thursday morning, Charlie Sheen called creator-executive producer Chuck Lorre a “charlatan” and a “turd” and would only refer to him by his “real name, Chaim Levine,” CBS and Warner Bros TV decided to discontinue production of Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season. About 250 people that work on the episode are out of work because of the fiasco.

Here’s the interview from the Alex Jones show in three parts …

Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen unleashed. On 9/11 conspiracy questions he delivered to President Barack Obama. He says to ‘B.O’ (Barack Obama) how much faith can I possibly have in you to run this entire country when 20 questions from a high school dropout, sit-com actor appear to be too much to handle for you and your staff? It’s like you’ve had almost two years to deal with this. I wrote them (the questions) in one hour. And it’s like you sir are obviously a coward in a cheap suit.