Ask Paul P: Cops? Love ’em!!! Chicago Police Rescue on Lake Shore

Dear Paul B,

This is an event that has to be told, because its true, and I am sick and tired of hearing all the bad press about police and politicians. I was stuck on Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday at 1:45 on Lake Shore Drive. Yes, I was muy stupido and my girlfriend talked me into it, yes. I should have known better, but I didn’t want her to wait for the bus. Chivalry is not dead, but contrary to my reputation of being bright, my brain cells quite removed. We ran out of gas within a few hours, much to be said about keeping the tank fully loaded. I had no hat, no gloves, and only my cell phone (big help that was.) I was only going to be gone for a short while. Boy, I could just shoot myself, but low and behold, the CPD was ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’ (officers John B and Brian D) saved our behinds. They finally got around to our car and helped us to the SUV that then took us over to St. Josephs Hospital. My girlfriend was frigid to the bone, and I was glad to hear that she had no frostbite. We were dehydrated, but we were released and these same two officers were kind enough to take us back home. There
was really no detail arranged for transportation. We would have otherwise been forced to wait for a bus or walk the 13 blocks to our apartment. I cannot tell you enough how our CPD actually became our family for that long night, calling us, and checking to see if we were doing ok. Something positive for a change. Cheers to our men in uniform!



Dear Wallace,

What a change of pace to see a positive from such a horrible storm. We always seem to look for someone to blame when “mother nature” lifts her ugly head. Why was LSD open? Why were there not twice as many plows? Who allowed buses to be running after 3 pm? This journalist believes that we responded to this bitter storm better than any storm of our storied past. I have lived through ’67, ’79, ’99, and now, and Chicago has been remarkable every single time. When you stop to consider how many streets, and how much snow we handled in a short period of time, I marvel at the speed of our people, machinery and brilliant strategy. I am proud to be a Chicagoan, and tip my hat to all whose who helped to keep us running, riding, and safe through this difficult stretch.

Paul B.

Here’s The Cardinal take on the Lake Shore Drive snow rescues …

About 1:15 minutes elapsed and following, listen to the attitude and comments from the blond female, Lauren Malloy in the passenger seat, ‘That’s what we mean … aren’t they nice?”

It’s understandable that people feel a little uncomfortable about leaving their cars in a blizzard on Lake Shore Drive, but there comes a point in situations where you have to shut up and take directions from authorities. The woman passenger and a male driver had been sitting in a car stranded from 6:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. (eight hours) in the middle of a blizzard on Lake Shore Drive. Most likely, both witnessed firefighters and police officers in harms way in blowing snow with 70 mph gusts and struggling in deep snow … moving from car to car checking on motorists. When the police come to tell the motorists it’s time to abandon their vehicle for rescue, the two in the car question the police skeptically like they’re choosing floor coverings for a new house — like they’re really in a position to bargain hunt with the police.

The police no doubt carefully made a life safety decision that it’s time to get out of the car. But the two in the car with a laid back attitude, and frankly lack of respect, argue that they’ve been watching cars towed out. Well that was then, and this is now … and now is more dangerous. That’s right “now it’s a different story.” Really? Can you imagine sitting dry and comfortable in your vehicle and telling the people that are helping you how the rescue is going to evolve … those rescuers who are facing the elements … Really? We have to leave our car, really? Can you imagine people watching the chaos on Lake Shore Drive for eight hours, and reacting ‘really’ we have to leave our car? Really? Is the cop being un-nice? Can you think beyond your own selfishness, that maybe the cop isn’t being mean. Maybe he was freezing his ass off. Really.


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