Arrested for Robbery: Ryan Mitchell and Hoyle Marshall Detained by Guardian Angels on the Red Line

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Three Guardian Angels made a citizen’s arrest of two robbery suspects early Tuesday morning on the CTA’s Red Line at the Addison station after the men allegedly snatched a camera from two foreign exchange students from India.

Guardian Angels Miguel Fuentes, Keanthi Davis and Felipe Aroyo were patrolling a northbound Red Line train when Fuentes noticed suspicious behavior from two male passengers — they were casing out the passengers in the train car.

Eventually the two suspicious characters snatch the camera, and struggled with one of the Guardian Angels. Two more angels arrived and the two males were detained for police.

Ryan Mitchell, 19, of the 9000 block of South Langley Avenue, and Hoyle Marshall, 22, of the 9600 block of South Union Avenue were both arrested by Chicago police and charged with robbery and battery.

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And see the Guardian Angels video of the incident while the subjects were detained and transferred to police custody …

Guardian Angels Video (Scene starts at 00:37): “I’m sorry. Please man can’t I apologize to these men?”