Are American Colleges Useless?


More and more American students are facing enormous tuition debt and no job prospects after graduating from college. Some find the solution of finding work abroad, but millions are settling for less. Is the US raising a generation of janitors?

Critics claim that colleges and universities charge too much with pretentious professors making way more than they are worth.

Conservative critics point to the number professors teaching socialist and communist views — promoting discontent with the establishment and promoting revolution instead of skills, individual ambition, and awareness of the practical real world.

And how about these successful dropouts …

Micahel Dell began upgrading computers in a dorm, in a bid to make some money while studying for a Biology degree. In 1984, he registered his company as “PCs Limited.” Michael Dell dropped out in 1984 and founded Dell now worth an estimated $13.5 billion.

Steve Jobs didn’t want to waste his parents money. He dropped out of full-time college and took part-time classes, including calligraphy, which would end up being part of the fine design or Macintosh computers, which he release from the company he co-founded — Apple Computer, which is now Apple, Inc.

Richard Branson launched a magazine called Student at age 16. A few years later, he launched Virgin as a mail-order record retailer, and later opened a record store in London. Today he’s Sir Richard Branson, and oversees several companies, which include several Virgin airlines, telecommunications, fitness centers and entertainment.