Woman Lives After Falling 23 Floors from Buenos Aires, Argentina Hotel: Hotel Crown Plaza Panamericano

A 30-year-old woman in Argentina (shown supine on the driver’s side roof of a taxi) survives after jumping from the 23rd floor of a Buenos Aires hotel and landing on top of a taxi parked in front of the building.

Radio Taxi 14698 was severely damaged and a woman critically injured when she jumped from a restaurant on the 23rd floor of the Hotel Crown Plaza Panamericano Hotel in Buenos Aires Argentina. She was rushed to Hospital Argerich.

Her critical, life-threatening injuries required surgery to remove one lung, one kidney and her spleen. The incident is being investigated as a suicide attempt, since the woman climbed over a safety barrier before she jumped.

The taxi driver got out of the cab seconds before the impact, which probably could have caused his death.

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