Wisconsin Governor Walker to Illinois Businesses After State Tax Hike Vote: ‘Escape to Wisconsin’

Escape to Wisconsin
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker displays an ‘Escape to Wisconsin’ bumper sticker, initially designed for vacationers, to attract businesses from Illinois (Fox News “Your World w/ Neil Cavuto).

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is encouraging Illinois businesses to escape from Illinois after lawmakers in Springfield approved a 67 percent income tax increase and a 46 percent increase in corporate taxes.

Governor Walker has proposed tax cuts on small businesses in Wisconsin and those that move to the state before. Now he says those measures and others, and the tax news from Illinois, will make Wisconsin an enticing place to do business. Gov. Walker specifically targeted companies in Illinois. On “Your World w/ Neil Cavuto” on Fox News, which was Governor Walker’s first television interview since his inauguration, the Republican governor jubilantly pulled out an old Wisconsin advertising campaign bumper sticker that targeted Illinois with an “Escape to Wisconsin” slogan. Walker says he is renewing that old call to vacationers for Illinois businesses. He discussed a plan to give new businesses a break for two years if they move into Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says to Illinois businesses, “You are welcome here. Our talented work force stands ready to help you grow and prosper.” He added that Governor Quinn made the governors of Illinois and Indiana the happiest men in America today.

Merely throwing tax dollars at a broken system, without overhauling the expense side of the ledger, compounds the problem and undermines the financial recovery for every business and citizen in our state.”
— William Brodsky, chief executive of CBOE Holdings Inc. (the securities exchange Chicago Board Options Exchange)

But Governor Pat Quinn congratulated fellow Democrats hours earlier in the day after the Illinois Senate and House voted 30-29 for a major income tax increase without a single Republican with a ‘Yes’ vote.

Quinn smiled and shook hands on the floor of the Senate around 1:30 a.m. rushing the vote before the new session, and after the Senate for the bill, which will raise the personal income tax-rate of Illinois residents by 67 percent (3% to 5%) and the income tax rate of businesses by 46 percent (4.8% to 7%).

Rep. David Miller (D-Lynwood) was transported out of the Illinois Senate chamber on a paramedic stretcher and transported to a hospital after collapsing during debate on the income tax increase bill lasted past midnight.

Miller’s district — the 29th District — since 2002 includes parts of Burnham, Calumet City, Chicago, Dolton, Ford Heights, Glenwood, Harvey, Homewood, Lansing, Lynwood, South Holland and Thornton. The 29th District is just southwest of the 34th District — the location of the Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant, 12600 South Torrence Avenue in Chicago.