Wikipedia Celebrates 10th Birthday

Today Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia anyone can edit, celebrates its tenth anniversary. Events and online activities have been organized to commemorate the day.

“This is the new WikiPedia! The idea here is to write a complete encyclopedia from scratch, without peer review process, etc. Some people think that this may be a hopeless endeavor, that the result will necessarily suck. We aren’t so sure. So, let’s get to work!”
— Wikipedia in the Beginning

January 15, 2001: Wikipedia begins
January 16, 2001: First edit is made to the main page

February 12, 2001: English Wikipedia reaches 1,000 articles

See also …,000,000

March 1, 2006: English Wikipedia reaches 1,000,000 articles

September 9, 2007: English Wikipedia reaches 2,000,000 articles

August 17, 2009: English Wikipedia reaches 3,000,000 articles

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