Valet Saved by Cell Phone that Deflects Bullet After Shooting at Halo Lounge, Atlanta

VIDEO showing damaged battery: A valet at an Atlanta nightclub cheated death when his HTC cell phone, tucked in his breast pocket, stopped a bullet.

An Atlanta police officer who was nearby the Halo Lounge, heard multiple gunshots about 3:00 a.m. Thursday. The police officer pursued at least two suspects. The suspects, whose names have not been released, were apprehended by Atlanta police near the intersection of West Peachtree and 6th Streets.

The suspects were apprehended in a car, and two guns were recovered from the vehicle, and two men were arrested.

A valet i at Halo Lounge, was protected from a bullet wound by his cellphone. The bullet hit an HTC wireless phone and battery. The battery had a rounded dent in the corner after shot were fired.

Witnesses to the shooting, in front of the Halo Lounge on West Peachtree, said the alleged gunmen had been removed from the nightclub by management. The alleged gunmen returned and fired several shots at a the valet — a male in his 20’s.

One bullet hit the victim’s cellphone, which was in the breast pocket of the valet’s jacket, and was deflected. The valet was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

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