Timeline of Shooting at Town Hall ‘Congress on the Corner’ Held by Congresswoman Giffords

9-1-1 AUDIO: A 911 caller witnessing the mass shooting outside a grocery store in Tucson describes a frantic scene and says, “I do believe Gabby Giffords was hit.”

Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford opens Congress on the Corner event at 10:00 a.m.

Suspect Jared L. Loughner gets in line to ask a question, but moves to the front of the line, and is told to get to the end of the line. He leaves.

Loughner returns, walks to the front of the line and starts firing a Glock 9 mm handgun as close as three feet from Representative Gabrielle Giffords.

10:11:56 a.m. – First 911 call is received.

Loughner empties the first magazine with a total of 31 shots fired at the crowd — wounding and killing more people.

The suspect runs toward a Walgreens wearing a black hoodie, blue jeans and a black sweater.

10:15 a.m. – First Pima County Sheriff deputy arrives on scene.

10:16 a.m. – First medical personnel arrive on scene.

Patricia Maisch says she was wondering what a gun shot would feel like — the Tucson, Arizona woman describes, for reporters, what it was like to face the alleged gunman who targeted Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. He wounded the Congresswoman and killed six others in the attack.

Roger Sulzgeber, who was in line at the ‘Congress on the Corner’ event, and Bill D. Badger, who had been grazed in the back of the head by a bullet, pull Loughner down to the ground. Joseph Zimudio, who was at a nearby Walgreens where Loughner was running past, also helps detain the suspect. [Joe Zimudio, who was legally armed with a gun, did not use his weapon during the incident, he says, because the situation was under control at the point that Loughner was tackled.]

Patricia Maisch, who was waiting in line with her husband to get a photo with Gifford and had taken cover, runs up to Loughner who was tackled on the ground, grabs the empty magazine, and then the full magazine as Loughner was trying to load it. Both Maisch and Loughner were reaching for the loaded magazine, but she was able to grab hold of the full magazine. She helped Sulzgeber and Zimudio hold Loughner down by kneeling on Loughner’s ankle. A man that was holding Loughner down was bleeding. Patricia Maisch went inside the Safeway store to get something that could function as a bandage for the injured man, apparently Col. Bill Badger, that was helping hold down Loughner. She returned to that injured man and held a makeshift bandage to his wound.

The Congresswoman’s intern Daniel Hernandez runs toward the chaos and helps other people before he realizes that Giffords was shot. He positions her to help her airway, and applies pressure to the wound in her head to control bleeding. He would hold the pressure on the wound all the way to the hospital.

A 9mm Glock handgun that had what police described as “an extended clip” with 30 bullets was recovered at the scene.

The Pima County Sheriff’s office listed the dead as:
John M. Roll, 63, a federal district court judge.
Gabriel Zimmerman, 30, Giffords’ director of community outreach.
Dorwin Stoddard, 76, a pastor at Mountain Ave. Church of Christ.
Christina-Taylor Green, 9, a student at Mesa Verde Elementary.
Dorthy Morris, 76.
Phyllis Schneck, 79.

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Saturday’s ‘Congress on the Corner’ location in northwest Tucson, Arizona.

Note: Joe Zimudio’s name has also been spelled ‘Zimudie’ in media coverage.

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  1. It is sad how the media talks so much about the killer, making him famous, forgetting about some of the other people that got shot or killed. I understand giving attention to the poor little girl that got killed and her family bc no one deserves losing their child in such a horrible way! …The media should focus more on informing us on how to protect ourselves in case of tragedy like this happening to us. Instead, it draws attention to the copycats that are loners , wanting to be famous by killing innocent people!

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